Sunday, October 01, 2006

The first NAWU meeting July 1910

First meeting of the National Asylum Workers Union held at the

Mason' Arms Hotel, Whitefield, Manchester on Saturday 9th July, 1910.

In attendance

Prestwich Asylum: Mr J. W. Shanks, Mr Jas Paterson and Mr T. Smith (Mr Guy)

Rainhill Asylum: Mr H. B. Cook, Mr W. H. Spencer, and Mr J. S. Sherlock

Whittingham Asylum: Mr C. Lloyd, Mr C. K. Dean and Mr T. W. Nelson

Lancaster Asylum: Mr E. Edmondson, Mr J. Gold and Mr B. Parkin

Winwick Asylum: Mr F. J. Richmond, Mr J. Brennan, George Gibson
and Mr W. Ellwood (Convenor)

Mr J. W. Shanks was elected Chairman

It was unanimously agreed "to form an organisation for Asylum Workers, and ask for a subscription of 4d per month to defray initial expenses".

Mr George Gibson was elected Honary General Secretary

Apologies from Martin Meehan (Winwick) and key founder member and organiser