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TUC Demo 20th October 2012 - UNISON Branch Banners

Unison Ashford

Unison Barking and Dagenham

Unison Barnet LG

Unison Bath and NE Somerset

Unison Birmingham LG

Unison Black Members

Unison Bolton Health Branch

Unison Bradfield

Unison Bradford

Unison Bridgend County

Unison Brighton & Hove

Unison Bristol City

Unison Bromley

Unison Cambridge County

Unison Cambridgeshire Police Staffs

Unison Camden & Islington

Unison Camden

Unison Cardiff Central

Unison Cardiff City

Unison Carmarthenshire

Unison Central and Wolverhampton

Unison Central London Community Health

Unison Ceredigion county council

Unison Charnwood

Unison Cheshire East

Unison Child Mental Health

Unison City of Coventry College

Unison City of Newcastle

Unison City of Plymouth

Unison Colchester Health

Unison Concorde NHS

Unison Cornwall Community Health

Unison Cornwall LG

Unison Croydon Health Services

Unison Croydon

Unison Cumbria

Unison Darlington

Unison Defend NHS Dudley Group Hospitals

Unison Derby City

Unison Devon County

Unison Devon Partnership

Unison Doncaster

Unison Dorset Health

Unison Dudley General

Unison Ealing LG

Unison East Cheshire

Unison East Lancashire NHS

Unison Environment Agency Midlands

Unison Filipino Nurses

Unison Gateshead Health

Unison Gateshead

Unison GLA

Unison Greater London LGBT

Unison Greater London

Unison Greenwich

Unison Halton LG

Unison Hammersmith and Fulham

Unison Hampshire & IOW Police

Unison Hampshire

Unison Harrogate LG

Unison Havant and Isle of Wight

Unison Havering

Unison Hounslow LG

Unison Housing Association

Unison Hull City

Unison Isle of Wight Healthcare

Unison Islington

Unison Kensington & Chelsea

Unison Kingston Hospital

Unison Kirklees

unison Lambeth College

Unison Lambeth

Unison Lancashire Police

Unison Leeds Met

Unison Leeds Teaching Hospital

Unison Leeds

Unison Lewisham LG

Unison Lincolnshire Health

Unison London Fire Brigade

Unison London Metropolitan University

Unison London Probation Trust

Unison London Region

Unison Manchester Community Mental Health

Unison Manchester Metropolitan University

Unison Medway Town LG

Unison Merseysiude Police Staff

Unison Merthyr Tydfil

Unison Milton Keynes Area

Unison Mosley

Unison North Somerset

Unison North West Labour Link

Unison North West Region

Unison North Yorks

Unison Northern Region

Unison Nottingham University Hospital

Unison Notts County

Unison NW Anglia health

Unison NW Region Police Staff

Unison Oxford City LG

Unison Oxford City

Unison Oxford Health

Unison Pembrokeshire country

Unison Penine Care Health

Unison Port Talbort

Unison Portsmouth Health

Unison Pride in our Work – LGBT members

Unison Princess Alexandra Hospital Harlow

Unison Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham – University Hospital

Unison Rhondda Cynon Taff

Unison Rotherham Health

Unison Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Branch

Unison Royal Hospital of Neurology Putney

Unison Salford City

Unison Sandwell

Unison Scotland Gas Branch

Unison Sefton LG

Unison Sheffield Hallam University

Unison Shropshire

Unison Solihull LG

Unison South East Region

Unison South Gloucestershire

Unison South Tyneside Healthcare

Unison South West Ambulance

Unison South West London Mental Health

Unison Southampton

Unison Southend LG

Unison Southwark

Unison Speak Up For Libraries

Unison St Anne's

Unison St Georges Hospital

Unison Surrey Healthcare

Unison Sussex Healthcare

Unison Sussex Partnership

Unison SW Cornwall

Unison Swindon

Unison Tower Hamlets LG

Unison UCH

Unison UCL

Unison UCL

Unison University of Southampton

Unison Vale of Glamorgan

Unison Waltham Forest

Unison Watford LG

Unison West Cheshire

Unison West Midlands Region

Unison West Sussex County

Unison West Yorkshire Police Staff

Unison Westminster

Unison Wiltshire LG

Unison Wolverhampton General

Unison Wolverhampton LG

Unison Worcester County

Unison Young Members


Michael Walker UNISON Officer

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Flying the Red Flag

"Insult" to Duke of York.
Red Flag on Asylum Building
January 1927 National Asylum Workers Union Journal
Gateshead Town Council on January 5th 1927 refused to allow the Communist Party to hold meetings in the Town Hall. During the proceedings there was a stormy scene arising out of an incident at the Corporation's mental asylum at Stannington, where, it was alleged, a "red flag" was flown while the Duke of York was at the neighbouring hostel of the Newcastle Poor Children's Holiday Association.
Councillor White said the statement was not true, and refused to sit down when ordered. After a good deal of uproar the Mayor explained that the red flag was exhibited from a window of a building on the asylum estate. When an employee was called before the committee he denied showing the flag and said it was flown by his daughter.
The Mayor said the committee did not believe the statement, and declared that the red flag was flown " to insult the Duke of York, the Lord Mayor of Newcastle, the Sheriff, and the Union Jack." He had never known such impudence.
It was agreed that the committee should further investigate the matter.
Red Flags were regular flown by protesters from Workhouses in the 1930’s as part of the national unemployed Workers Movement campaign
Red Flags were flown over hospitals in Glasgow on July 5th 1948 when the NHS came into being.
St Pancras Council Labour leader John Lawrence, fulfilled a Labour commitment to fly the red flag from the Town Hall on May Day, 1958. A policy attacked by the right wing national press. The St Pancras Chronicle commented, ’will long be remembered by the 140,000 residents of St Pancras as one of the most exciting days in the borough’s history. For the Leftists, the raising of the Red Flag over the Town Hall in Euston Road, NW1, was a proud achievement.

Many Labour Council's in the 1980s, such as Hammersmith, Islington, Manchester and Sheffield regularly flew the red flag
Red Flags flown over Monaghan and Letterkenny Hospital “Soviets” in Ireland
Famously the Red Army flew the Red Flag over the Richstag, when it was captured from the Nazi's at the end of WW2 in Europe.

Red Flag flies over Guilford for Charles and Diana Royal Wedding 1981


The red flags of became a potent relic following the execution of early trade unionist British sailors mutinied near the mouth of the River Thames in 1797 and hoisted a red flag on several ships.

Two red flags flown by marchers during the Merthyr Dic Penderyn (Richard Lewis) in August 1831 despite a public campaign to pardon him.

Rising of 1831 in South Wales were soaked in calf's blood.

Morpeth COHSE 1972

Picture of Morpeth Branches of COHSE the health care union. Ancillary Demonstration 13 December 1972 against the imposed Wage Freeze. The march was covered by the local media  and BBC TV.

The branch stated that this was the first march held in Morpeth since National Strike in 1931 (Think they are referring to General strike of 1926 ?)

No 1 Region Northern COHSE Region
Andy Vanbeck - Regional secretary
J. Grey - Asst Regional Secretary
Townsville House
274 Heaton Road

Tom Walton
Tom Walton (Bishop Auckland)  National Executive Committee Member for Northern Region (March 1948-1968) died 13th December 1972 at the age of 63. Officer at the Department of Social security he retired in 1968 having started employment in 1926 as a junior clerk in the Education Department at Bishop Auckland. In 1930 transferred to Juvenile Employment Bureau and progressed through the ranks until he retired