Sunday, April 26, 2009

Telegraph - Outdated dogma will not get us out of this mess


Today's Sunday Telegraph (26th April 2009) Editorial today states that "Outdated dogma will not get us out of this mess".

I trust that they are referring to the Conservative Parties statements on the NHS which now include

1) Continuation of privatisation (Such a cleaning which has killed thousands in cross infection)
2) Continuation of failed PFI (which has cost millions
3) A pay freeze (refusing to honour the independent review body)
4) Scrapping the present NHS Pension scheme (Do they know how small a nurses NHS pension is)
5) Foundation hospitals (more failed privatisation plans
6) naming and shamming NHS Bosses over £150k a year
(look forward to seeing how much those General Practitioners and Consultants earn)

As the NHS Consultants association state "No one has ever been able to provide information that shows that privatisation or competition improves the quality of health care, far from it. research from America shows increased "competition" leads to bigger bureaucracy and poorer quality of health care.

but of course............the Sunday Telegraph was complaining that the rich might have to pay more for THEIR FINANCIAL CRISIS

Something about millionaire Tory bankers telling nurses that we have to make more sacrifices because of their crisis

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jack Jones You are History - You are Legend

Jack Jones
Born 29th March 1913
Died 21st April 2009

A Great Man - A Great Life

Trade Unionist, International Brigader and Pensioners' Leader

"They went because their open eyes
could see no other way"

No Pasaran

You are History - You are Legend