Friday, February 21, 2014

Newham Mayor 1969

Mrs Marjorie Helps, Mayoress of the London Borough of Newham in 1969, COHSE (now Unison) member at Plaistow Hospital

Picture Colm O Kane COHSE Regional Secretary and Mr E Chaubert COHSE Regional Chairman

COHSE Nurses and The Poll Tax

Unison Student Nurses Campaigning Against Poverty Pay 2000

Unison nursing students campaigning for better pay in 2000 outside St Thomas Hospital with Florence Nightingale masks

Nurses 1982

UK Nurses in action during the 1982 12% pay Campaign

Nurses Uniforms 1938

Nurses uniforms and prices 1938

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Local Pay - 1996

Local pay is the only way forward for nurses, according to to the health secretary. Stephen Dorrell told the Conservative Medical Society fringe meeting

"Pay should not be fixed in Whitehall, but be a core function of local manangement at local level is somtething we regard as instrinsic to the local flexible health service we have developed"

Stephen Dorrell Conservative Party conference October 1996

article Nursing Times 16 October 1996

Nurses Red Eyes Poster - Unison 1996

Unison poster launched October 1996 - a take on the Blair "demon eyes" campaign

launched at Bourenmouth and top with Unison nurses at University College London Hospital

Under paid, over worked and under stress No wounder 25,000 nurses quit the NHS last year  - UNISON Nurses

COHSE Cornwall Banner

COHSE Health Care Union banner

Looks like 1979 pay campaign