Saturday, October 28, 2006

BNA - Banner 1920

April 24, 1920
Royal British Nurses’ Association.
(Incorporated by Royal Charter)


The Banner of the Royal British
Nurses’ Association has now reached the Office from the Royal School of Art Needlework, at which it has been embroidered.

As will be remembered, a small group of the younger members formed themselvesinto a committee on the passage of the
Nurse Registration Bill (1920) and decided to inaugurate a scheme to supply their Association with a Banner as a memento of this victory for the nurses.

They and all the members who have so generously co-operated with them may congratulate themselves upon having supplied their Royal Corporation with a Banner of which it has just reason to be proud and which doubtless will be regarded as one of its most treasured possessions for centuries to come, But particularly do we owe an expression of warm gratitude to Miss Grace An
derson, M.R.B.N.A., who has done practically all the work connected with the banner so far as the R.B.N.A. office is concerned.

The Banner is embroidered most exquisitely on bleu de silk, with the Badge of the Association- in rose colour on cloth of gold. The date of the foundation of the Association, ‘1887,” is inscribed over the Badge, and the motto, “ Steadfast and True,” on a gold scroll beneath it, ‘The Royal Crow in colours appears in the centre of the Badge, and the national flowers-the rose, thistle, shamrock, and leek-support it, beautifully embroidered in sahral colours. Altogether a most lovely Banner for our Royal Corporation of Nurses


The BNA was hostile to the (Royal) College of Nursing and supported the Profesional Union of Trained Nurses