Friday, February 11, 2022

Miss K.M. Willis - Assistant Matron Caterham LCC Mental Hospital

 Miss K.M. Willis - Assistant Matron Caterham LCC Mental Hospital

(St Lawrence's)

Started at Caterham 1916

MHIWU National Executive Committee member

Athlone Committee

General Nursing Council member for twenty years

Chair of GNC Mental Health Committee 1942

"always had the student nurses interest at heart"


Retired 1950

Caterham nurses 1927

Friern Barnet COHSE Nurses 1945 Fighting Rushcliffe

 Radical Nurses

Forgotten History

Sister L. Easty - Friern Hospital (Barnet)
1930 - 1957
COHSE Guild of Nurses Nursing Rep
Led COHSE nurses at the hospital to refuse to work 24 hours unpaid overtime in 1945
"Which resulted in the Rushcliffe recommendations being discontinued"

Wednesday, February 09, 2022

UK Nurses Strike 1974 - COHSE

1974 Nurses Strike

8 May 1974

Eleven COHSE nurses at Storthes Hall Hospital, Huddersfield, strike for one hour
Three wards closed.

For the first time, nurses have taken industrial action — 'The possibility', (said the Guardian of 13 May) of strikes by nurses is real for the first time'

Sunday, February 06, 2022