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Spanish Medical Aid Committee estb 1st August 1936

Formation of the British SMAC

Spanish Medical Aid Committee was established on 1st August 1936

The enthusiasm and selflessness of everyone helping was such that in less than two weeks the preparatory work was complete, and on Sunday evening, August 23rd the first British Medical Unit for Spain (The first from any country) left Victoria, led by Viscount Churchill (Hon. Treasurer of the Committee), with Kenneth Sinclair-Loutit as Administrator.

Tremendous interest was aroused by its departure, and great crowds gathered at Victoria Station, 10,000 more marched from Hyde Park and paraded past the young men and women as they stood in Buckingham Palace Road. At the Station the Rt. Hon. Arthur Greenwood, M.P., representing the Labour Party, and Allan A. Findlay, representing the T.U.C. General Council, Lord Latham of the LCC and the Mayors of six London Borough's wished " Godspeed " to the men and women who so courageously were setting out to help the wounded on the battlefields of Spain.

Continuously since then the Committee has carried on its activities. Meetings, demonstrations, social functions have been organised all over the country. A net-work of local committees has been formed to assist with the vital task of rousing public sympathy and raising money.

Over £44,000 has been collected, and it has all been spent supplying the various necessities for which requests have been made by those directing the medical services in Spain. That so large a sum has been collected is a striking

tribute to the feeling of solidarity existing between the people of Spain and Great Britain.

Almost every week ambulances, medical supplies or additional personnel have gone out to the hospitals of Spain.

Wherever help has been sought it has been gladly given; wherever medical aid has been requested it has been promptly sent.


SMAC Committee 1937

(Dr Charles Brook (GP & COHSE) as Secretary, Dr Hyacinth Morgan as Chairman, Dr Christopher Addison MP as President, Dr Somerville-Hastings as Vice Chairman, , Isaobel Brown, Lady Hastings, Prof J.R. Marrack, Dr Philip D'Arcy Hart, Ellen Wilkinson MP, Leah Manning Pres of NUT, Arthur Pocock, Lord Farringdon, Frederick Le Gros Clark. Headquarters of SMAC at the Trade Union Club 24 New Oxford Street, London, WC1

From booklet Medical Aid For Spain circa 1937