Tuesday, July 25, 2006

David Priestley President 1923-1926

David Priestley President

David Priestley joined the union in 1918 as a founder member and was the Poor Law Officers Union President from December 1923 until 1926

He was born in Rochdale, the son of a building contractor who died when he was a child forcing the family into poverty.

he commenced his poor law career commenced at Bradford, Eccleshall Bierlow then the City of London and finally, at Epsom where he was branch chairman. Discibed his trade as "a barber etc from Epsom".

His election as President against Dr William Wiggins in 1923 was a shock, and a post-mortem put Dr Wiggins defeat down to te failure of the union leadership to recruit the hoped for influx of nurses.

he acted as secretary to political associations, shooting clubs, religious bodies a keen athlete and total abstainer from alcohol.

He was considered the "Father" of the Poor law Gazette" (the union's journal) due to his efforts on its behalf.