Sunday, April 23, 2006

TUC Nurses Charter 1937

1 96-hour fortnight and abolition of 'spread-over' system

[split shifts].

2 Enhanced overtime rates and discouragement of time off

in lieu.

3 Minimum month's holiday with pay.

4 Minimum sick leave with '13 weeks' full and 13 weeks' half


5 Sickness and disability compensation.

6 Trained nurses to have freedom to choose place of

residence, and nurses' home conditions to be fullv


7 Superannuation for all nurses, transferable throughout

the service.

8 Abolition of unnecessary restrictions.

9 The creation of a National Council setting standard pay,

hours and other conditions, and local consultative

committees at hospital level.

10 All probationers to go through preliminary Training

Schools before working on the wards.

11 Facilities for higher training in midwifery, massage

[physiotherapy], etc.