Sunday, April 23, 2006

National Co-Ordinating Committee against Cuts (NCC) Estb 1975

The National Co-ordinating Committee against Cuts in the NHS (NCC) was elected at a delegate conference on the 'Fight Against the cuts in the NHS', held on 11 October 1975 organised by The Medical Committee Against private Practice (MCAPP).

The conference, with over 500 people attending (395 delegates), unanimously passed a resolution calling for
the transformation of the NHS into a health service responsive to the needs of the working class and under thecontrol of the working class.

The Labour government, under the guise of 'rationalisation', is carrying out closures of hospitals and wards, and cancelling building programmes, which is resulting in staff
redundancies and loss of services to patients.

The health service uniquely represents one of the few gains of the labour movement since the war, and is now being threatened as never before.

The past few years have seen an unprecedented rise in industrial action by health workers to improve conditions of pay and work. These struggles have resulted in significant'
improvement for workers, but the defence of the health service calls for a united response from the whole labour movement for a health service that really caters for peoples'

The conference resolution, and its implementation through the setting up of local and regional committees, is a first step in that direction.

The National C0-Ordinating Committee against Cuts Officers

CHAIRMAN: Ernie Roberts (assistant gen sec AUEW)
SECRETARY: Dr Paul Stern
Jack Collins NUM executive
Brian Nicholson T&GWU Executive
Ann Holmes representative from Institute of Workers Control
Jim Jackson East London Action Committee against the Cuts
Ron Pearson NUPE United Portsmouth Hospitals
Ken Price NUPE Morriston Hospital Swansea
Steve Johnson NALGO Officer
Sue Lister rapresentative from ASTMS Oxford
Alan Kirkby representative from Hull Port Shop Stewards.Committee
Peter Amiott Medical Committee Against Private Practice (MCAPP)
Dominic Costa (MCAPP) .
Mike Silver (MCAPP)
Colin Smith (MCAPP)
Jack Sutton NUPE Manchester
John Mitchell representative from NATSOPA Joint London Branches
Jo Richardson MP
Patrick McQuade representative from T&GWU Rover Solihull
Steve Ludlum NUPE London
Bob Brett representative from East London NUT
Tom Waterhouse Official representative from NALGO NEC
Sylvia Prentice NALGO London
Ray Perry COHSE Norfolk
Dawn Judd COHSE Cardiff
Bill Starks COHSE Bristol
Ron Griffiths representative from Socialist Medical Association
Doug Cook SW Region TUC
Carolyn McCartney COHSE Norfolk
Paul Mitchell NUPE Southampton
Ron Thompson AUEW Sheffield

Secretary Dr Paul Stern 55 Bridge Lane, London NW11