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COHSE Medical Services Guild 1948

COHSE Medical Services Guild 1948

A General Meeting arranged by the Medical Advisory Committee was held at the Ambassadors Hotel, London W.C.I. After general business, excellent contributions were received on subjects associated with the
National Health Service.
Dr. H. B., Morgan, MP., outlined the superannuation scheme, dealing with both the English and Scottish regulations, In pointing out that the whole scheme is extremely complicated, he stated that the Ministry were preparing an explanatory document which would lie available in the New Year for everyone concerned.

Dr. Stark-Murray (member of the S.W Metropolitan Regional Board) dealt with the work of the Regional Boards.

One of the tasks they had before them was to set up Hospital Management.
Committees, which would deal with the day-to-day work of the hospitals.

Names could lie submitted now to the Regional Boards for their consideration. One of the difficulties was that the Boards lacked authority at present. In reply to a question on contracts, Dr. Stark-Murray stated these remained to be determined. There was nothing to prevent organizations making representations to the Regional Boards at this juncture on this or smaller

Dr. Fitzgerald gave a paper on Staff Consultative Committees, and the. Meeting agreed it would be of great value if printed in The COHSE Journal
In bringing the proceedings to a close, the Chairman Dr. Charles Brook, member of the South East Metropolitan Regional Board), expressed tile appreciation of the meeting to those who had made such valuable

Dr Charles Brook was COHSE Chairman of the COHSE Medical Services Guild and Labour LCC member

Dr Stark- Murray was also a Socialist Medical Association activist