Sunday, September 24, 2006



By H.G. Knight R.M.P.A. NUPE London County Council Organiser

1. Hours of DUTY – 96 hour fortnight with complete elimination of the spread-over system

2. OVERTIME – To rank for special duty pay, and “time in lieu” to be discouraged.

3. ANNUAL LEAVE - Indoor Staff: A minimum of one month with full pay; additional leave to be granted in special cases. Outdoor Staff: A minimum of three weeks with full pay.

4. SICK PAY - A minimum of 13 weeks full and 13 weeks half-pay, with extension at the discretion of the Committee. Periods of sickness or accident due to service to be paid at full-salary scale during the whole period absent from duty.

5. PERMANENT DISABILITY - Adequate compensation should be paid in cases of permanent disability arising from cases of disease, illness or injury contracted or sustained during the normal course of duty.

6. RATES OF PAY - Complete revision of present rates of pay and incremental scales.

7. NURSES' HOMES - Nurses should have freedom of choice regarding place of residence, but when Nurses' Homes are established, full amenities for privacy to be provided. Indoor and outdoor facilities for study and recreation.

8. HIGHER GRADE PAYMENTS - Payment for all higher grade duties to commence from the time the duties are undertaken.

9. AFTER-DUTY PASSES - Resident Staff to be brought into conformity with this regulation in the L.C.C. Public Health Department.

10. RESTRICTIONS. - The abolition of all unnecessary restrictions.

If you agree with this Charter and are not already a member of an active trade union, join N.U.P.E. to-day and let us get on with the job.

NUPE Journal June 1938