Sunday, September 24, 2006

COHSE Strike Plan 1982

The COHSE NEC Action Plan

The Action Committee set up by COHSE's National Executive Committee met on 13 April 1982 and drew up a comprehensive range of recommendations for industrial action to be taken up by branches.

The two main forms to be applied within the COHSE guidelines on the protection of patient care and maintenance of emergency services are:

•ban on all non-emergency admissions;

• selective two hour withdrawals of Labour.

A further list was also set out, again within COHSE's Code of Conduct and within the 1979 Joint Agreement on Emergency Services. The proposals, as well as the emergency services agreement, are listed in Head Office Circular 235/82.

Designed to cause the greatest administrative inconvenience to management and least harm to patients, they include:

• ban on private patients' services;

• non co-operation with private contractors;

•refusal by nurses to carry out non-nursing duties, as well as by non-nurses to carry out nursing duties;

•ban on the cleaning of non-clinical areas;

•reduction of output of hospital laundries;

•holding of local demonstrations;