Friday, September 22, 2006

Kathleen Daly First COHSE Women Regional Secretary

Kathleen Mary Daly First Women to become a COHSE Regional Secretary

Miss Kathleen Daly, Joined the National Union of County Officers in 1932, in 1935 started work as a probationary nurse, the later in many health occupations including, clerk, laundry worker, porter, telephonist and finally ward orderly (unqualified nurse) and was elected COHSE branch secretary at St Giles Hospital, Camberwell, South London.

While working at St Giles Hospital, Kathleen Daly lived at 4 Ashbourne Grove, East Dulwich, London

Appointed as a COHSE organiser in 1950 with responsiblity for recruitment. As part of this brief she was involved in a major campaign to recruit staff into COHSE in the Isle of Man.

Represented COHSE on various Whitley Council negotiating bodies.

In 1959 Miss Kathleen Daly was appointed as the first women COHSE Regional Secretary (the only other COHSE Regional Secretary being Gill Hale in the COHSE Northern Region).

She was well respected by COHSE ambulance members in London in their campaign for a “nationalised” NHS ambulance service.

Kathleen Daly stood for the post of COHSE General Secretary in 1967, However, a year later it was reported to COHSE West Metropolitan Region that Miss Daly was ill and unlikely to return to work.