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COHSE Officer 1947

COHSE Officer 1947

Claude Bartlett – COHSE President ; North Filham, Ivybridge, Devon

R. Baker – COHSE Vice President Hillcroft, Newtown, Bishop Middleham, Ferryhill, Durham.


George Gibson – COHSE General Secretary; 1 Rushford Avenue, Levenshume, Manchester.

Fred Comer – COHSE Asst General Secretary; Swinton House, 324 Grays Inn Road, London.

Robert Farthing – COHSE Cashier

Jack. T. Waite – COHSE National Organiser (based Manchester)



Cllr George.C. Esther – Northern Region 1
9 Appian Place, Sheriff Hill, Newcastle.

Cllr Jack Jepson – North Eastern Region 2
658 Barnsley Rd, Firth Park, Sheffield.

Ted. A Hardy – North East Region 3
1 Rusholme Avenue, Levenshulme, Manchester.

W.L.Griffiths - North Midland Region 4, Midland Region 6 and Wales Region 7
60 Brookvale Road, Olton, Birmingham.

Joe Richards - Eastern Region 5
155 Old church Road, Romford,

Charles Harris - South West Region 8, Southern Region 9, South Seat Region 10
37 Myrtle Road
, Dartford, Kent

Cliff Comer - London Region 11
Swinton House,
324 Grays Inn Rd, London,,WC1

Michael McBride - Scotland Region 12
21 Holyrood Crescent, Glasgow,Scotland

Doris Westmacott - COHSE Guild of Nurses
38 Argyle Square, London WC1

Fred Rason -Voluntary Hospitals
Swinton House,
324 Grays Inn Rd, London,WC1

also Officers: Frank Lynch, E.J.Over; and Dick Akers (appointed late 1947)

Secretary - Miss L.M. Abrahams (London)

Members of Parliament

Alderman Ted A. Hardy
Dr Hyacinth Morgan
Dr S (Santo?) Jeger
Fred Messer
George Thomas

TUC – George Gibson

General Nursing Council
Miss K. M. Willis, Caterham,
mental hospital Surrey
Mr J.H.Buckley, 48 Hitchin Road, Arlesey, Bedfordshire

COHSE National Executive Committee 1947

R. Barker; J. Butler; C.E. Ceeley; M.Dubury; A. Flanagam; J. Garside; J. Gue; A. Harrison; J. Hickie; G. Lee; E. Machin; Dr H.B.W. Morgan; E.J. Smart; A.F. Soutwell; H.S. Waites; T.G. Westcott