Monday, March 05, 2007

Fred Green COHSE Regional Secretary

Fred Green

Fred Green began work as a half timer at the age of 12 in a Lancashire Cotton Mill.

He left school at 13 and went to evening classes.

He was a trade unionist at 12 and joined the Socialist Sunday School and Independent labour Party as a young man

He became a councillor at an early age

He took an interest in Lancashire history and Lancashire dialect and published articles on the subject

After the General Strike of 1926, he was victimised for two years and was out of work

He later secured employment in a Public Assistance Insitution and became a member of the Mental Hospital & Institutional Workers Union and became branch Chairman.

He became a full time officer in 1948 and later regional secretary for COHSE in the North West No 3 region. (COHSE Office, Liverpool Chambers, 4 Newmarket Place, Manchester)

Two outstanding achievements were the establishment of ancillary rates of pay and conditions on the Isle of Man, and organising from initial seven members in Northern Ireland a Northern Ireland region of 2,500 members

Retired 1970

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