Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dorset Asylum -NAWU

Fred Guppy Dorset Asylum

If you look at any National Asylum Workers' Union Magazine for 1910 or 1918 you will see that Fred Guppy lived at Church Lane, Charminster, Dorset. He continued to do so until his death.

Fred Guppy was founder-member of the Dorset Branch. In a recent conversation he told me how the first branch meetings were held on a bridge some distance from the hospital, how in later years the meetings were held in the hospital with lookouts for fear of surprise by the medical superintendent.

Fred Guppy was branch secretary for many many years. He was a JP and for 50 years a member of Dorchester Rural District Council; he was chairman of the council for five years. He was also Chairman of Charminster Parish Council for 37 years.

He was recently awarded the MBE, a few days later he was dead. (1969)

G.N.N Branch secretary

Dorset Branch.

COHSE Journal October 1969