Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Maud Wiese

Maud Wiese was the first women National Executive Member of the National Asylum Workers Union. 

She was elected to the General Nursing Council (now NMC) in 1922 and fought for the rights and professionalism of mental health nurses, also arguing against high fees for exams which won her many enemies amongst the entrenched interest's, including the College of Nursing. Later she was assistant Matron at Bexley mental hospital and  previously head nurse at Claybury hospital 1924

Maud Eve Wiese - NMC member and first
National Asylum Workers Union woman NEC member
Banstead & Claybury Hospital's
(A record of a death of a Maude Eve Wiese at 16 Suffolk Street, Whitstable, Kent, (Spinster) 14th August 1973.
Stood for Whitstable Council (as a retired Matron) in 1948 seen a link stating she was possibly living at The Shanty,” Seasalter Beach,
A record of a Maud Eve Wiese being born in Battersea in 1889