Friday, April 21, 2006

Patrick McHugh - St Pancras Hospital

Patrick McHugh

born in Ireland

45 years service

Chief Male Nurse at St Pancras Hospital (Observation Unit - psychiatric )

joined NUCO in 1925

took a leading part in the early struggles to improve nursing service conditions

Was part of the first public demonstration by nurses, when NUCO nurses team that took part in the "raid on the LCC" when leaflets were thrown into London County Council chamber and masked NUCO uniformed nurses, march down Fleet Street in 1937 with sandwich boards stating "we demand fair pay"

a member of NUCO national Executive Committee

"A remarkable gift of oratory"

his motto was "Let this day pass no one by"

member of the board of Governors at the National hospital, Queen's Square

retired 1952

died June 29th 1954