Friday, August 15, 2014

Charing Cross Nurse Lost On The Lusitania

Mabel Bourke (nee England) was lost on the sinking of  the Lusitania along with Ella Lawrence, 50, was a British national from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  Both women had volunteered for service under the Serbian Red Cross in the Balkans.

Mabel Bourke appears on the list of passengers incorrectly as Burke, trained at Charring Cross and was also a midwife in the East End 

Source: British Journal of Nursing

Marie Depage, known as Marie de Page, 43, was a nurse from Brussels, Belgium who worked with her husband Dr Antoine Depage to tend to the war wounded.  (Ocean Hotel - La Panne) 

She had been in the United States to fundraise for Belgian military medical aid, and was returning home on Lusitania to see her son Lucien, who was being called into military service.  During the sinking, Marie Depage and Dr James Houghton helped many children to safety.  Marie Depage was lost in the sinking and her body was recovered,

Her body was brought back to The Ocean Hotel at La Panne where Dr Depage worked at the Red Cross Hospital – nurses followed the the funeral procession of the very popular Marie Depage through the sand dunes

Picture British Journal of Nursing