Wednesday, March 21, 2012

NHS 1948 - 2012 Killed by The Coalition (LibDem Disgrace)

Liberal Democratic Ministers in the Tory led Coalition "banged the table" during Tuesdays Ministerial meeting to show approval at the passing of the NHS & Social Care Bill.

The Bill is opposed by the majority of NHS nursing & medical professionals, health unions, patients groups and the public. Despite the massive opposition to the Bill the Tories have pushed through radical reform of the NHS which will see wholesale privatisation of sections of it, all with the support of the Liberal Democrats who once championed support for the NHS.

The truth is without Liberal Democratic support this attack on the NHS would not have succeeded, it is doubtful that a Conservative majority Government could have got this Bill through but the Liberal Democrats have acted as a useful shield to the Tories privatisation anti NHS agenda. As for Shirley Williams she has shown herself willing to sell her deepest convictions to remain loyal to a failed Government and Party, every report of Shirley Williams life will refer to her total miscalculation and blinkered response to the NHS & Social Care Act, unlike her "Gang of Four" colleague Dr David Owen, who has been impeccable in his opposition to the attacks on the NHS.

As with the the Poll Tax, opposition to the NHS & Social Care Act will if anything intensify, patients every day experience will show how dogma and not ethics have driven through this Bill. We will win if we remain committed and focused in exposing the many failings of this Act.

Keep up the pressure.
We Are Many
They Are Few