Monday, January 31, 2011

Tory/Lib Dems Out To Destroy OUR NHS

UNISON nurses protested outside the House of Commons today 31st January 2011 as did nurses at St Georges Hospital Tooting, they were protesting against the Tories/Lib DemsNHS.

Not only do the Tories and Lib Dem's want to hive off large bits of the NHS to the private sector, many local District Hospitals are now under real threat of closure.

As commissioning of health services are left to the whims of General Practitioners.

For example if GPs fall out with consultants at your local hospital and they decide to switch the contract, your local hospital closes.

Any money saved in commissioning can be paid in cash to GP's as a bonus, who are already on £150k a year, so dont have an expensive illness.

GP's don't even need to declare a financial interest in a private health care company, GP decisions do not need to be taken in public, they do not have to involve or ask any patients about their views and are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act.