Thursday, April 10, 2008

Labour's Action Plan for theNHS 1991

By Robin Cook MP, 23rd September 1991
(shadow Secretary of State for Health)


1. Halt the opting out of hospitals and other units in the second (if before 01/04/92) and third waves

2. Sign the orders bringing back those hospitals and other units that have already opted out

3. Re-name the department, Department of Health and Community Care and appoint a Minister of State with the sole responsibility for care in the community

4. Instruct all hospitals to scrap all tow-tier deals on waiting lists and admit patients in order of medical need

5. Restore the right of GP’s to refer their patients to the hospital of their choice and stop health managers blocking referrals to hospitals where they have not placed a contract

6. Set the terms of reference of the Quality Commission for the health service

7. Declare a moratorium on the privatisation of geriatric services pending a review of the need for public provision for long term care of elderly people

8. Start negotiations to remove the pressure in the GP’s contract to increase patient lists, and fix a lower maximum on patients’ GPs

9. Set up a task force to tackle waiting list black spots

10. Appoint new members of health authorities who represent their local community, live locally and use the NHS

also other points which included


21. Set up an enquiry into weather there is a link between length of waiting lists and the amount of private practice

22. Halt further contracts for the construction of private commercial wings on NHS sites

23. End compulsory competitive tendering in the health service and introduce quality standards for ancillary services

24. Notify private insurance companies of the withdrawal of tax relief for private medical cover