Saturday, September 15, 2007

Nic Cicutti

Branch Secretary reinstated

A COHSE Branch Secretary whose dismissal caused concern at COHSE Conference in June that he had been victimised for taking part in the NHS pay campaign, has qot his job back.

Nic Cicutti, secretary of Essex Hall Branch in Colchester, was reinstated as a second-year student nurse at the mental handicap hospital after an internal appeal.

Now Nic says he owes his job to the many COHSE members and officers who gave their support
particularly Regional Secretary Keith Taylor, who represented him at the appeal in late 1982.

Nic then a prominent member of the Socialist Workers Party, Hospital worker now a high profile journalist i believe,

Nic states I worked for 15 years at The Independent, the Financial Times and as a freelance. In a previous life I trained as a nurse and worked in the NHS for almost seven years. Before that I washed dishes and was a school cleaner