Thursday, October 04, 2007

Moez Montani - COHSE Central Middx Hospital - Brent

Moez Montani - Brent

Region 6 mourns the death of a true friend and colleague, Moez Motani, at the age of 30
years. He had been Secretary of Brent COHSE Branch for the past 11 years. Moez was an ardent fighter against privatisation in the Brent district and his efforts, together with others, have prevented, so far, privatisation of ancillary services in that district. He always campaigned actively to prevent the closure of hospitals in the district, for example Neasden.

He enlisted the support of the residents of Brent, the community health council, and Brent Health Emergency in the fight to prevent cuts in local health services.
He had suffered from birth with Thalassaemia, a terminal disease, and also he was in constant pain and required frequent hospitalisation, but he continued to fulfill his role as an active COHSE Branch Secretary, always defending the interests of his members.

He was honoured by the Region in January 1985 by being awarded the Harry Short gold
badge, which is presented for outstanding achievement. His courage and determination was an example to us all and he will be sadly missed.

(Tribute by Ernest A. Brooke, Regional Secretary, North West Thames and Oxford Region)

Moez was a good man, good COHSE Branch Secretary a hospital technician at Central Middlesex , a Muslim from Indonesia