Monday, March 05, 2007

William Glanville

Mr. William Henry Glanville, a member of Surrey County Council for more than 20 years and a county alderman since 1952, died in July 1964 at his home in Mulgrave Road, Sutton, Surrey. Members of the county council stood in tribute to him at their meeting.

Mr. Glanville was for some years a Trustee of the National Union of County Officers NUCO, which was the Hospital and Welfare Services Union at the time of the amalgamation to form COHSE. He
was Chairman of the union's Legal Committee for a period, including part of the last war.

Miss Doris E. Westmacott, COHSE National Woman Officer, who worked with him on the union NEC told the COHSE Journal:

"Mr. Glanville had a good sense of humour and a quiet, determined approach to problems. He was a clear thinker and was always of great assistance to other members."

When he was 15, Mr. Glanville joined the Lewisham Board of Guardians. In 1948, he was appointed Chairman of the Netherne Hospital Management Committee. He was interested in music and was for many years a church organist.