Saturday, May 20, 2006

Dr William Wiggins NUCO President

Dr William Wiggins MRCS LRCP DPH

An early President of the Poor Law Workers Trade Union (PLWTU) Dr Wiggins was the most prominent doctor in the union's history.

After 1911 he was medical superintendent at Greenwich Infirmary and, in the years following the First World War, threw himself into the movement to establish a union for poor law employees.

He was defeated in the Presidential election, December 1923 by David Priestly (President 1923-1926) a hospital barber from Epsom

Dr Wiggins may have been the most active medical man in the union's history, but other doctors did join and participate.

In the 1930s a Medical Services Guild was established as part of NUCO to cater for their interests, which continued into COHSE.